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Stake your claim

Need to protect your strategic domain name? 

At ScienceDN that’s exactly what we do


Here at ScienceDN, we endeavor to protect specific and strategic medical, scientific, biotech and pharmaceutical domain names so that they’re available for those that need them, when they need them.


If you’re looking to protect your specific field of excellence or research then you’ve come to the right place.


We can help determine which domain names and extensions are best for you, source them, acquire them and secure them. Unless of course, we already did that for you.


Domain names and extensions can be endless, and of course those investments must be balanced by their intrinsic value to you.

We’ll be happy to help, discuss and advise you on all options in total confidentiality. Drop us a line.


If you’re in an advanced stage of drug or medical device clinical development, or have already moved to commercial phase, then you should seriously be thinking about locking up some of those domain names.


Not only can they be of strategic value to you, but also so useful to learned institutions and societies, patient groups etc.


ScienceDN closely monitors strategic developments and uses extensive networking and vigilance skills to suggest the most relevant domain names for your area of expertise and make sure that those domain names don’t end up in the wrong hands.


At ScienceDN, our expert consultants draw on their decades of Sales & Marketing experience in the Healthcare industry to provide you with a customized and totally discrete domain name approach.


Safeguarding specialist health domain names is our vocation, and we are here to help you stake your claim and protect your territory.

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